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We took the MMDA ferry ride to Plaza Mexico, walked a bit to Intramuros, ate at Ristorante delle Mitre and checked out the San Agustin Museum.

The ferry ride was fast (30-minutes from Guadalupe to Plaza Mexico) and safe, and the staff’s banter was funny. Visit this page for more details and hop on. We wish condominiums would market the waterways as a means of transportation, opening up ports and ferries for their residents.

Ristorante delle Mitre’s bangus pizza has umami, meat and saltiness. It could use more acid though. Their calamansi cheesecake is really good but a bit overpriced.

San Agustin church is huge! The crypt is creepy and we learned families still reserve for slots there. We saw people our age buried there with pictures. And that pipe organ is probably a huge pain to maintain. It was also cool to see art restoration experts while they were working on some paintings.

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Critical Essay: Random Samplings

(Written in 2011, published in 2014 for the lols)

These days, when a supposed budding young poet, such as myself, hits a wall or a writer’s block, the Internet provides various websites for inspiration. Some employ parsing while others use word clouds.

Parsing is also known as syntactical analysis and can either match a user-given set of words with each other, or gather and combine keywords from existing texts. Meanwhile, word clouds can be created by entering words and clicking a button to generate a compilation of words or phrases in different graphic designs.

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