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I attended a workshop on the basics of Adobe Illustrator last October 4, 2014. 

The workshop was facilitated by Manila-based design company Works of Heart and it was held at the awesome o2Space, which would my first choice of shop if/when I found a startup.

I joined the workshop to expand my skills, especially as a marketer. I can say I already have a good grasp of copy writing, editing, social media and strategizing. I know how to edit photos and do basic subtitling too.

I also doodle sometimes to release stress or focus on an intention. But, no, no design software skills, not even Photoshop.

In the workshop, I learned how to make basic shapes - except triangles; triangles are still tricky. I also learned to combine shapes and shade them.

In the end, we were asked to make a Mike Wazowksi from Monsters Inc. I won’t upload mine because it sucks.

I also met people like Maia - a student and who was trying to get into her graphic designer boyfriend’s interests.

Check out Works Of Heart for more workshops and projects. In the mean time, I need to tinker with Illustrator more.

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A Prezi with tips on writing in the sciences in the Philippines

(Image source: angelicomics.blogspot.com)

Recently, I proofread a medical research paper on how to deal with a neurological disease in the Philippines - a task that revealed the general confusion with scientific writing.

To help, I started taking a course on Writing for the Sciences via Coursera and The Leland Stanford Junior University School of Medicine.

I’ve summarized what I’ve learned from these two experiences to help Filipino doctors and scientists better communicate their research. These tips include using the active voice and a reverse pyramid structure. Hopefully, they will make your writing more engaging so that readers can better understand your data and methods and act on your suggestions in preventing and treating illnesses.

Here is the presentation.

Xenia-Chloe H. Villanueva is a poet and copywriter in the Philippines with experience in blogging, social media management and inbound marketing. Follow her on Twitter @mumblingmaya.

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